Trust Series 2023 - Trust Disputes - 23 August 2023 (On Demand)


Trust and Estate disputes, whether between trustees, trustees and beneficiaries or between trustees and third parties including advisers, spouses, partners or creditors have the potential to generate extraordinary costs and acrimony. Recollections change, common sense disappears and the dispute can take on a life of its own that can be as difficult to brake as a runaway train. The following excerpt from Ryan v Lobb at [121] is indicative of how such disputes morph into more than the sum of their parts:

“I do not ignore his claim that his own intentions were always as he now argues, but that is entirely subjective. A reasonable person would clearly not read cl 2.5(3) in the way he asserts. In fact, a reasonable person would say that if Mr Lobb took the view he now holds at the time of settlement of the trust, then he was acting deceitfully in the settlement of the trust and related transactions, vis a vis his wife. He should not have held the settlement out as an equal one.”

This webinar, which is relevant to all practitioners who advise on trust or estate matters, trustees, beneficiaries or parties to a relationship or creditor dispute involving a trust considers:

  • how trust and estate disputes arise
  • how to avoid disputes, or where this is not an option, how to proactively manage and direct matters
  • the cost of trust litigation
  • options for internal and external resolution outside of the courts
  • the ADR provisions of the Trusts Act 2019 and how these are being applied in practice, and
  • an overview of recent trust disputes requiring the assistance of the court

The webinar, which will conclude with a question and answer session, will then critically analyse common themes in trust disputes and consider alternative courses of action that might have been available.


23 August 2023


This webinar will enable practitioners to competently advise trustees, beneficiaries and other parties regarding trust disputes.


Practitioners at all levels who advise regarding trusts.


Vicki Ammundsen, Director, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited.


1.5 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
    • $215.00 excl. GST
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $215.00 excl. GST

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