What is ‘CPD’?

Many professions, such as accountants and lawyers, are required to complete a minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Professional Education (CLE) hours per year.

Industry associations have different requirements and criteria around CPD/CPE, but in general the learning activity has to be relevant to your individual professional development objectives and should be verifiable.

Please check with your particular industry association’s website for their specific CPD requirements and criteria.



If you are a member of another professional association, please refer to that associations CPD requirements

Verifiable activities

Although each professional association has slightly different criteria around CPD, CCH Learning webinars and events are generally considered verifiable as we provide the following:

What qualifies?

What qualifies for CPD is very subjective and depends on each individual’s professional learning plan and objectives.  CA ANZ, CPA Australia and NZLS CPD models are based on a similar cycle of planning and learning:

Planning (What to learn) – Action (The CPD activity) – Evaluation (What was learned) – Reflection (What further learning is needed).

The key thing to consider when looking at potential CPD activities is whether the learning outcomes will meet your individual learning needs.

CPD Certificates

For live webinars a blank editable CPD certificate is sent to the registered attendee. Attendees should print off and complete the certificate after they have attended the webinar and then have it signed by a peer or manager as verification of attendance.

For group attendance, all those who attend the live webinar can claim CPD. Simply print off a CCH Learning CPD certificate for each of those attending, these can be completed after the webinar and signed by a peer or manager as verification of attendance. For CPD audit purposes, group attendee names can also be entered into the feedback survey via a screen pop-up at the end of the live webinar.

For On-Demand recordings, simply view the recording, complete and pass the accompanying CPD quiz and you will receive your CPD certificate.

Conference attendees will receive a blank CPD certificate in their conference packs which they can have signed at the end of the day by a peer or a CCH Learning conference representative.

CPD Logs
Information regarding your attendance is recorded through our event management software and we can make this information available should your CPD record be audited. However, it is up to individuals to maintain their own CPD log.

Please note: CCH Learning do not maintain CPD logs for individuals or organisations.