CCH Learning sells specialised learning resources principally, but not exclusively, for purchase by business professionals. The main products sold are webinars (both live and “On Demand”) and conferences.

Anyone is welcome to purchase CCH Learning products.

Pricing Policy

Webinar pricing is based on a one connection one fee basis rather than per attendee. This means customers are welcome to allow several attendees to watch a webinar at a single location from one connection. The numbers of attendees in this regard is not limited. If extra connections are required (eg. for a different viewing location or different computers) then extra webinars must be purchased. Sole- practitioner discounts are available for webinars.

Conference pricing is based on a per attendee basis. Early bird or group discounts may be available for certain events.

Payment Methods

We accept payments by Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Credit Card Surcharges

We do not add any surcharges for payment by credit card.

Transaction Currency

All prices are listed in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST.

Export Restrictions

There are no export restrictions on our products. If a webinar is consumed outside of New Zealand it will not attract GST.

Refund and Cancellation policies


Cancellations can be requested by phone or in writing at any time up until the commencement of the webinar.

Refunds will only be given where rescheduling, providing a recording (i.e. the “On demand” version), or a store credit will not suffice.

In the event of a refund, payments made by bank deposit may take up to 6 weeks to process.


Cancellations must be requested in writing. The following Cancellation Policy will apply:

CCH reserves the right to amend or cancel the webinar or conference at any time if required. In the event of cancellation by CCH a full refund will be given.

Confirmation of Purchase

You will receive an email confirming your purchase upon completion of your order. This email will confirm what you have purchased, the price and the status of the payment.

Customer Support

Phone: 0800 WEBINAR (0800 932 462) if you have any queries or technical issues.

CPD Hours

Our live webinars, on-demand recordings and conferences meet the criteria for verifiable CPD hours. Please check with your individual industry body for their specific CPD requirements.

For webinars where there are multiple attendees, all attendees may claim CPD hours. Please remember to record who has attended the webinar for your own internal records and complete the “who has attended CPD field” in the survey at the end of the webinar for audit purposes.

Further Information

Please also see Frequently Asked Questions on our website.