Joint Ventures & Limited Partnerships 2024 - 11 June 2024 (On Demand)


When two or more unassociated parties come together to undertake a business activity there are a variety of structures, they could adopt to undertake their joint venture. The parties may agree on an incorporated joint venture, enter a formal partnership, or incorporate a company to undertake the joint venture business.

The use of a company provides that advantage of having a legal person to conduct the business and limited liability. An alternative structure is a limited partnership, which provides the legal person and limited liability, but with greater flexibility than a company.

This webinar will consider common joint venture structures with a focus on using a limited partnership as a joint venture vehicle as an alternative to a company. It will provide an overview of the different structuring options and taxation considerations.


11 June 2024


Attendees will gain an understanding of where a limited partnership may be an alternative to using a company to undertake a joint venture.


This webinar will be suited to attendees who advise clients on business structures. While the taxation of different structure options will be discussed some knowledge of the basic tax rules applying to companies and partnership will be assumed.


Stephen Richards, Partner - Tax Advisory, Findex/Crowe (presenting on behalf of TEO). 

1.25 CPD Hours

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