Staples Rodway

Our business is to add value to your business. Staples Rodway is a network of accountancy and business advisory firms that you can rely on to steer you safely through the ups and downs of the modern business world. Contact us and find out how we can help you.
Andrew Dickeson

Andrew Dickeson, Staples Rodway

Andrew Dickeson is a Tax Director with Staples Rodway Limited. He has a particular interest in payroll related tax issues.

Jo-Anne Randall

Jo-Anne Randall, Staples Rodway

Jo-Anne Randall is an Associate Director at Staples Rodway Auckland in the Business Advisory team. As part of this team she has extensive experience in assisting non accountants to better understand the numbers and how they can use this information to improve business performance.

Tracy Hickman

Tracy Hickman, Staples Rodway

Tracy joined the Staples Rodway consulting team in 2007, bringing over twenty years' experience in industry, gained at a variety of companies, from multi-nationals to small and medium enterprises, in Europe and New Zealand. Tracy’s focus is on working with businesses on Governance and Strategy, helping with turnarounds, financial modelling, valuations, succession planning and M&A.

Nigel de Frere

Nigel de Frere, Staples Rodway

Nigel is a licensed audit partner in Staples Rodway’s Audit and Assurance Services team in Auckland. Nigel has over 20 year’s professional experience, including 4 years working in London, and is the partner in charge of Staples’ accounting technical team. Nigel’s has a passion for New Zealand business, and a particular interest in financial services, having worked in all sectors of the industry.

Maurits van den Berg

Maurits van den Berg, Staples Rodway

Maurits is a Senior Manager, Taxation Services. Maurits's background is in Specialist Tax Consultancy, working with clients to ensure their tax affairs are properly managed. This includes providing advice on large transactions, restructuring and every day tax compliance.