Business Advisors and Accountants in New Zealand. Findex is an innovative financial advisory service provider with a client centric focus. Over the past 30 years, through an active merger and acquisition strategy, we have grown exponentially to become a major competitor in the financial services industry. Through startup, expansion and continued progress, we support small and medium enterprises of all shapes throughout New Zealand. On a daily basis we provide pragmatic and experienced advice which is tailored to your needs and the market you operate in. At Findex, we go beyond pure accountancy — you will have access to a multi-disciplinary team of advisers dedicated to helping you realise your business vision and financial goals. Our advisors have specific industry knowledge and expertise within sectors including Agriculture, Asia Business, Automotive and Transport, Building and Construction, Franchising, Maori Business, Mergers and Acquisitions, Property, Real Estate the Public Sector and much more.

Warwick Heads

Warick Heads, Findex

Warick Heads is the National Director of Payroll Services at Findex. The team at Findex process payroll for approximately 450 clients, and they deal with all the variations presented by this large range of payrolls. Everything from small farming clients to large corporate clients are processed by this team. Warick has also been active in updating the CCH publication – Payroll A Practical Guide to New Zealand Payroll Administration, and while overseeing the payroll function at Findex has been involved in a number of payroll reviews across businesses throughout the country.

Warwick Heads

Aleisha Henderson, Findex

Aleisha has been working with the Findex payroll team since 2011. Over this time her role has included processing of payroll, payroll reviews (both internally and externally) and additional project work in the payroll space. Aleisha has had the opportunity to work off-site with clients to provide payroll processing support and has also undertaken secondments for larger payroll projects. More recently Aleisha’s role has included training and mentoring of our new payroll team members. Aleisha completed her Certificate in Payroll Practice through NZPPA in 2014, and in 2017 completed a Diploma in Human Resources Management.