Managing Burnout and Exhaustion 2024 - 30 May 2024 (On Demand)


When you are ‘just over it’!

A recent study found 68% of New Zealand employees have significant symptoms of burnout, the highest rate ever recorded. A majority of New Zealanders are tired, exhausted and burnt-out from dealing with years of challenges.

The last few years have been emotionally draining for so many people, whether it is financial uncertainty, rising costs, health problems or long covid. When people are tired, they make bad decisions, are unproductive and have more interpersonal conflicts. Workplace accidents are far more likely.

One of the biggest problems with burnout is the best staff tend to resign, so employers must try to prevent this as much as possible.

In this webinar, find out how to prevent and manage the rising rates of burnout in the workforce.

Topics include:

  • Why is it 2024 that more and more people are feeling burnt-out.
  • What is the difference between feeling tired and having long term exhaustion or burnout?
  • What is long Covid and how can it be best managed?
  • What does the latest research suggest is the best way to manage burnout?
  • Discover practical ways to assist a person suffering from burnout


30 May 2024


What are some of the subtle signs that someone may not be coping?

How should you approach someone you are concerned about?

What are some practical things that can help someone that does not involve saying “just breathe”


Business owners, CEOs, Managers, Human Resource professionals, Team leaders, anyone who employs or manages staff in any industry, including education, law, accounting, construction, and hospitality. This webinar is designed for businesses of any size, with a focus on reducing stress for office workers and professionals, as well as frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Frontiers of Hope

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