Employee Solution Service

Employee Solution Service Ltd is a specialist HR company that focuses on turning around under-performing employees, or helping employers remove staff who are not suitable for employment.

Headed by Michael Hempseed, Employee Solution Service Ltd provide individual consulting services, seminars, workshops and recruitment services to NZ businesses to help them overcome employee issues and increase productivity.

Michael Hempseed

Michael Hempseed, Employee Solution Service

Michael Hempseed is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the leading HR consultants in Christchurch. He is a highly sought after professional speaker and has delivered hundreds of inspiring and informative seminars over the last two years, on such diverse topics as overcoming failure, mental health and stress and burnout. Funny, full of enthusiasm and taking a genuine interest in people are all qualities that make him a captivating speaker and presenter. In August 2016 Michael spoke at TEDx Darwin on overcoming failure, his talk gained widespread acclaim.