Legal Firm Optimisation 2023 - Advanced Financial Health in Your Practice - 10 October 2023 (On Demand)



This practical webinar will dig deeper into key issues affecting profitability for small to medium law firms. The introductory level webinar covered what previous attendees described as, “A whole lot of good material. A lot of food for thought”, with “Good examples to back up Rob’s points”.

In this advanced presentation we will look at:

  • The relationship between the service-oriented professional and the need for profit… why is profit so critical irrespective of the perceived weight given to it by each individual Principal or Manager…
  • Clear explanation of how poor typical profits are currently…and the serious problems caused.
  • Exactly how good revenues need to be, relative to expenses, to create even basically acceptable (and necessary) profits…
  • What the critical issues are… and why…
    • How to get & keep the right clients…
    • Getting productivity and efficiency right…
    • Genuinely effective disclosure on fees…
    • Planning/Budgeting…
    • Serious Credit Control and Cash Flow…
    • Pricing alternatives, confidence and smart psychology…
    • Performance Review/Career Development/Remuneration… key do’s and don’ts… especially the immense damage caused to proper profits by pursuing the “One-Third/One-Third/One-Third“ myth…

This webinar is presented by Rob Knowsley, Managing Director-Principal, Knowsley Management Services, in conjunction with CCH Learning.

An Introductory version of the webinar was described by an attendee as, “The best/most useful/thought-provoking webinar I’ve been in for a long while”!


10 October 2023


Attendees will have a significantly improved understanding of why so many small-medium law firms struggle to develop and grow while being fully professional, why financial health is so important to clients and other stakeholders, and key approaches to getting the balance right.


Legal Profession...all levels of owner, manager and lawyer with aspirations to make their practices more businesslike and financially Healthy without weakening the professionalism desired, and expected and valued by clients.


Rob Knowsley, Managing Director-Principal, Knowsley Management Systems.


1.5 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
    • $215.00 Summer Sale 40% Discount - Apply Promotional Code: SUMMER40 $129.00excl. GST
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $215.00 Summer Sale 40% Discount - Apply Promotional Code: SUMMER40 $129.00excl. GST

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