Holidays Act - Staff Entitlements & Legal Compliance 2022 - 6 December 2022 (On Demand)


Find out how to apply annual holiday and public holiday entitlements to Holidays Act

Tis the season for office closedowns and staff on holiday!

Christmas and New Year are coming up fast, so get ready to pay staff their holidays and leave entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003.

Our holidays legislation is so complex that most random audits have resulted in Kiwi employers repaying staff. Avoid penalties for payroll blunders by paying your staff their correct entitlements!

Join us for this refresher on the Holidays Act 2003 before staff take annual and public holidays this year.

Find out when to calculate holiday pay for staff on commission and varied hours, with guidance from Court cases.

This webinar is presented by an employment lawyer so you can comply with the Holidays Act 2003.

You will have a brief overview of the Holidays Act, before we answer these common queries:

  • When can you shut down for a closedown period?
  • What happens if a staff member is on call during public holidays?
  • What are staff entitlements during public holidays?
  • How do you calculate annual holiday entitlements for payroll?
  • What happens if a staff member is sick or suffers a bereavement during annual holidays?
  • When should you include commission and bonuses in holiday pay?
  • How do you pay staff with variable hours?
  • How do you pay staff for public and annual holidays during lockdown?

We will discuss the impact of case law on applying the Holidays Act 2003, and how to calculate pay in less straight-forward cases.


6 December 2022


  • Attendees will understand staff entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003, including common issues relating to annual holidays and public holidays.
  • Attendees will identify case law which clarifies how to comply with the Holidays Act 2003.
  • This webinar will help attendees calculate annual holidays and public holidays entitlements for payroll compliance.


This webinar is suited to Human Resources professionals, Payroll, administration, business owners, and managers with HR responsibilities.

This webinar is designed for those who manage and administer leave requests and payroll, or those who advise on holiday legislation.


Julia Shallcrass, Director, KiwiBoss.

1.5 CPD Hours

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