Managing Difficult and Toxic Employees 2022 - 1 November 2022 (On Demand)


Preventing Costly Problems in Business

Throughout New Zealand many businesses have reported a significant increase in difficult and toxic behaviour. There has been a significant increase in bullying, sexual harassment, theft and even assaults.

Difficult employees often upset staff and customers, and significantly affect the bottom line. Toxic employees can destroy a business’s reputation and lead businesses into bankruptcy through bullying and theft.

It is estimated that one toxic employee can cost an organization around $100,000 per year, through huge losses of productivity, high staff turnover, and theft.

Most businesses do not know what to look for or how to address these issues effectively.

One reason toxic employees are so tough to spot is they are often productive in their roles, despite reducing their co-workers’ productivity.

We will show you the differences between toxic and difficult employees, and exactly how to resolve the situation in the most effective way possible. In this engaging webinar, find out:

  • How to identify difficult or toxic behaviors in recruitment
  • Factors that make someone likely to engage in toxic behaviour
  • The disastrous effects of toxic behaviour on an organisation
  • How to address toxic behaviour and difficult employees and the legal implications
  • Manage conflict in the workplace and difficult behaviours


1 November 2022


In this webinar you will discover how to:

  • Identify the profile of a toxic employee vs difficult employee
  • Consider ways to avoid hiring toxic employees
  • Detect toxic behaviour before it gets out of hand
  • Know how to address toxic behaviours in the workplace and exit staff
  • Manage conflict between staff and difficult behaviours


This webinar is suited to HR professionals and anyone in managerial roles, including managers, team leaders across every profession and industry – including government, education, law, accounting, construction, retail, and medicine.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service Ltd.

Julia Shallcrass, Employment Lawyer and Educator, Kiwiboss Limited.


1.5 CPD Hours

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    • $215.00 excl. GST

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