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Finding the best solutions to a wide range of problems

Everyone in business will have problems, the successful companies are the ones that also have the best solutions.

Despite the importance of problem solving, most individuals and businesses are not very good at problem solving. Recently, New Zealand has seen a number of large companies and government departments settle on and implement the worst possible solution to a problem.

Many people say they aren’t creative or good at problem solving. Yet, with practice and the right training most people can greatly improve their problem-solving skills.

This fun and innovative webinar will look at many unique and creative ways to solve difficult and challenging problems.


5 July 2022


  • Learn how to develop solutions for difficult and complex problems.
  • Improve your profitability and productivity in ways you never thought about.
  • Learn about a number of real work examples where problem solving did not go to plan and why.
  • Understand why the solution can be in front of you but you may never see it.
  • Learn how to ensure that good ideas are not lost in team meetings.
  • Discover ways to work through problems that you are stuck on.


HR professionals, team leaders, supervisors, managers, owners, and all employers.
(People with problems, eg the entire human race!)


Michael Hempseed, Director, Employee Solution Service and Frontiers of Hope.

1.25 CPD Hours

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