Negotiating Employment Settlement Agreements 2022 - 28 June 2022 (On Demand)


Resolve employment relationship problems and negotiate exit settlements

Around 90% of employment relationship problems are resolved through a settlement agreement.

In this webinar, find out how to resolve employment relationship problems with less stress.

This webinar is a practical guide to risk assessment and negotiating the exit of problem employees through without prejudice discussions.

We will focus on the legal and practical points to include in settlement agreements, so you can protect your company property and reputation.

We will answer your questions around negotiating settlement agreements, such as:

  • When should you consider negotiating an exit settlement?
  • How do you reduce legal risk when negotiating an exit settlement in a without prejudice discussion?
  • Which terms must be included in a Record of Settlement?
  • How can you protect employer’s property, intellectual property, and reputation through terms of settlement?
  • How should you prepare for and engage in negotiation and mediation?
  • When can a Record of Settlement be set aside by the Court?

Find out how to resolve employment relationship problems through negotiation and at mediation for a successful outcome.

Join employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass in this webinar for practical tips and explore case law so you keep up with recent developments on settlement agreements.


28 June 2022


This webinar is a practical guide to negotiation, risk assessment, mediation, and terms to include in settlement agreements.

Attendees will identify practical strategies for negotiating exit settlements and resolving employment relationship problems.

Attending this webinar will help participants to:

  • Identify terms commonly included in a settlement agreement
  • Consider terms of an exit settlement that protect your company
  • Negotiate an exit settlement with reduced risk of personal grievances
  • Prepare for negotiation and mediation by conducting a risk assessment of both parties’ positions
  • Engage in without prejudice discussions and mediation
  • Address issues that commonly arise during negotiation and mediation for a successful resolution


The webinar is a practical guide for all people managers, business owners and professional advisors including lawyers and HR consultants from every industry on how to:

  • resolve employment relationship problems,
  • negotiate exit settlements, and
  • protect company assets and reputation.

This webinar is useful for all HR professionals, particularly those in their first 10 years of practice or who want an update on case law.


Julia Shallcrass, Director, Kiwi Boss Ltd.


1.5 CPD Hours

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