Radical Candour - caring personally whilst challenging directly 2022 - 14 June 2022 (On Demand)


Getting the outcome you want through skillful communication

To lead and work with people effectively you need to learn how to challenge them directly while caring for them personally. This is one of the hardest and most important things to master in the art of skillful communication.

All too often, we don't say anything - this is referred to as manipulative insecurity - very common in our passive-aggressive kiwi culture - only to eventually blow up and say things we later regret. On the other hand, speaking too directly without the ability to read how it's landing can cause people to withdraw and lose confidence and trust. Kim Scott, the author of Radical Candor calls this obnoxious aggression.

But our biggest pitfall as leaders is ruinous empathy. We do this because we genuinely care for our people, but we often tip either into a pleasing mode to keep the peace or a rescue mode, rather than courageously enabling people and holding them accountable to help them grow.

Radical candour is not easy to put into practice because it requires a whole lot of self-awareness, courage and vulnerability, but it's worth the effort for the sake of building strong independent thinkers and cultures steeped in trust.

This webinar is at an introductory level.


14 June 2022


  • Develop self-awareness
  • Build trust
  • Understand your communication style
  • Understang Radical Candor model
  • Understand the impact you have on others
  • Get better outcomes from people in your team
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback


Anyone dealing with people.


Maya Nova, Mental and Emotional Agility and Mindful Leadership Coach and Speaker, Mindbalance Ltd.


1.25 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
    • $195.00 excl. GST
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $195.00 excl. GST

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