Legal Firm Optimization - Policies and Structures to aid Talent Acquisition and Retention 2022 - 16 February 2022 (On Demand)


This introductory and practical webinar will provide an overview for small to medium law firms.

We will look at:

  • Factors affecting acquiring and retaining talent suitable to your firm’s business plan.
  • Structures and Policies that will assist with long term financial health...from fee-earner budget setting and remuneration/bonus policies, to the importance of role definition/setting expectations, performance assessment, and thus setting the scene for quality talent identification, screening, communication, onboarding, and training relevant to the firm’s culture and policies and career progression.

Reasons to attend:

  • The New Zealand market is seeing the same sorts of stresses and strains as many international markets, heavily impacting firms acquiring and retaining quality talent.
  • There are traditional ways to respond, which are not necessarily working well.
  • This webinar will look at ways small-medium firms can set themselves up to be able to afford to compete vigorously in the market, acquiring and retaining talent that will assist in achievement of the business plan, and long term financial health.


16 February 2022


A good appreciation of the sorts of policies and structures that small-medium firms should consider having to optimise their opportunities in acquiring and retaining the kind of talent needed to underpin achievement of their business plan.


Legal Profession - Small and Medium-size firms. Principals, aspiring Principals, Solicitors, and all levels of Manager.


Rob Knowsley LLB, Managing Director-Principal, Knowsley Management Services.

1.5 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
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    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $215.00 Summer Sale 40% Discount - Apply Promotional Code: SUMMER40 $129.00excl. GST

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