Addressing Outrage Culture in the Workplace 2021 - 24 August 2021 (On Demand)


Outrage Culture occurs when people lose perspective and get upset about a poorly worded post on social media. There are many significant problems that we can focus our attention on, often a poorly thought-out social media post should not be one of them. The receivers of this social media backlash often suffer severe mental health outcomes.

It is a cause of great anxiety and distress for many workplaces, who fear that something small could get out of hand.

We often talk about building a culture of kindness, true kindness involves understanding that people make mistakes and these mistakes should be kept in perspective.

Often outrage culture comes from an inability to manage conflict, this webinar will give listeners a number of important skills to help address conflict in a positive way.

This material will look at both internal and external outrage culture.

Participants will learn how to teach their staff to focus on the important things that really matter.


24 August 2021


  • How can you build a culture of kindness that keeps things in perspective?
  • How can you get people to listen when they are in a state of anger?
  • What impact can being the victim of outrage culture have on a person’s mental well-being?
  • How should you respond if something goes to the media?


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, human resources professionals.


Michael Hempseed, author of Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community.

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