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Managing Mental Illness at Work 2021 - Part 1

Tue 11 May, 10:30 AM NZST - 12:00 PM NZST

Understanding, Prevention and Supporting Staff with mental illness

How can workplaces manage the mental health crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have hugely impacted New Zealanders’ emotional and psychological wellbeing.

In 2021 we are starting to see the real impact of this throughout workplaces.

Employers are finding more and more staff are taking sick leave for mental health or leaving their jobs.

Research suggests that rates of mental illness have risen at an alarming rate in the last year. The World Health Organisation has listed depression as the leading cause of productivity loss worldwide.

Unmanaged mental illness is now the leading cause of productivity loss, sick leave and staff turnover.

This webinar will provide an overview of mental illness based on the latest scientific studies, what employers can do to reduce mental illness, and how to help and support someone who is struggling.

We will consider case studies to show you how to deal with real issues.

In addition to performance and productivity issues, an employer has legal duties to manage mental health issues at work. Find out how to effectively support staff, avoid discrimination, and comply with health and safety laws. Discover how to discuss mental health issues with staff.


  • Learn how mental illness affects and changes the brain and a person’s behaviour
  • How the pandemic has changed the way many people experience mental illness
  • Find out how mental illness can affect staff, performance and productivity in ways many employers don’t think of
  • Detect the early warning signs of mental illness
  • Discover how to approach a colleague who you suspect may have a mental illness
  • Avoid discrimination in hiring and employment
  • How to avoid making the problem worse
  • Consider ways to support people in your workplace with mental illness
  • Practical case scenarios and case law on legal responsibilities


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, human resources professionals. Mental illness can affect anyone from any industry.


Michael Hempseed, author of Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community

Julia Shallcrass, Director, Kiwiboss Ltd


Managing Mental Illness at Work 2021 - Part 2

Tue 25 May, 2:30 PM NZST - 4:00 PM NZST

Complex mental illness

As the psychological effects of the pandemic draws on, many employers are now starting to see staff present with complex and challenging forms of mental illness. Many employers are finding they are completely out of their depth when they are confronted with PTSD, eating disorders and brain injuries.

Employers are now seeing complex mental illness on a regular basis.

This evidence based and practical webinar will explore how the different forms of complex mental illness present in the workplace.

What options employers have and what to do if someone is in a crisis.

We will cover when hospitalisation may be required and how to find mental health professionals that are skilled in helping people with complex mental illness.


  • Learn about the latest findings in neuroscience about how complex mental illness affects the brain.
  • Understand the many myths and misconceptions about PTSD.
  • Learn how to create a working environment that reduces the chances of a relapse.
  • Why treatments for simpler forms of mental illness may be ineffective and even harmful.
  • What to do when someone is so unwell that they have lost their power of rational thought.
  • Interventions for someone who is in a crisis.
  • Effective, evidence-based treatments for complex mental illness.


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, human resources professionals. Complex mental illness can affect anyone from any industry.


Michael Hempseed, author of Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community.


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