Making better decisions in times of crisis 2020 - 11 November 2020 (On Demand)


The science of good decision making

Decision making is difficult at the best of times, often in times of crisis people are often stressed and decision making becomes even more challenging. Many times, we make decisions and just hope that it will turn out alright. Everyone in business will make a bad decision sooner or later, it is inevitable. However, there are many evidence-based techniques that can be used to increase your chances of making good decisions more often than bad ones.

For example, Fonterra lost $605 million dollars trying to expand internationally.
Some people would say this is just bad luck. The staggering losses were avoidable; it is well known that 90% of international expansions fail. Furthermore, a year prior to this, Bunnings lost $400 million trying to expand into the UK. If Fonterra looked at what happened to Bunnings, they may have avoided the mistake.

This webinar will look at a number of case studies of both good and bad decision-making to show you evidence-based techniques that you can apply to almost any situation. Whether you are a one-man band or a large corporation, the techniques and skills that are covered in this webinar can help you improve every decision from hiring a new staff member, choosing a new software package or launching a new product line.


11 November 2020


  • Learn a number of concrete strategies and principles to guide good decision making.
  • What can you do if you are procrastinating and can’t make a decision?
  • Understand the times and circumstances where you are most vulnerable to making bad decisions.
  • When should you make the “best possible decision” and when will an okay one do?
  • Why do many great business leaders severely limit the number of decisions they make per day?
  • Learn why some people are far better decision makers and have fewer things go wrong than others.


HR professionals, team leaders, supervisors, managers, owners, and all employers.


Michael Hempseed, Author, Employee Solution Service

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