Change Management 2020 - 30 June 2020 (On Demand)


Coping with the ongoing changes from Covid-19.

Covid-19 and the resulting disruption to the world is probably going to be the biggest change many of us will see in our lifetime.

Human beings often resist change in the best of circumstances. When change is unwelcomed or unplanned many people become stressed and upset. In the last few months, we have seen many people who have become overwhelmed and immensely stressed by all the changes that have taken place in a small space of time. This has left many managers and HR professionals feeling overwhelmed as they try to manage staff and customers who struggle with change.

This webinar will look at how to support business owners, staff and customers through times of change and uncertainty.

You will learn what factors help people cope with and thrive during change. It is based on almost fifty years of psychological research in this area.

The principles in this webinar can be applied to any sized business, with changes either large or small.


30 June 2020


Participants will:

  • Understand why unexpected change is particularly stressful.
  • Understand the psychological reasons why so many people are resistant to change.
  • Have an overview of the psychological literature around resistance to change.
  • Learn effective evidence-based strategies to help bring in important and necessary changes into a business without meeting fierce resistance.
  • Learn how to work with people who really struggle with change.


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, HR managers. Everyone in the world right now!


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service

1.25 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $195.00 excl. GST

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