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A Guide to setting up a trust.
Trusts build upon a foundation of fundamental principles. This webinar takes us back to those principles and provides a summary of the key questions and elements which ought to be considered and assessed when the client first steps foot into the office.

The webinar is designed to be a guide for new practitioners and practitioners that are new to the law of trusts by taking us through a case study, questions to ask the client, issues that practitioners need to consider, establishing the trust, and on-going obligations.

Using a case study this webinar will provide a step-by-step guide designed for new practitioners and lawyers new to trusts by covering the following topics:
• Why does the client want a trust?
• Does the reason justify a trust?
• Important issues and questions to ask the clients before setting up a trust
• Making sure the client understands what a trust is and the implications of creating a trust
• Identifying the parties to the trust and explaining to the client their respective roles, duties and powers
• Identifying the assets to be transferred to the trust and issues to consider before transferring assets to a trust
• The lawyers duty of care when preparing a trust deed and their ongoing duties

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