Supporting staff through difficult times – COVID-19 - 3 April 2020 (On Demand)


Managing staff distress and worry

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on many people, from losing significant portions of their business to having staff with severe distress.

In this free webinar we will cover:

  • What should I do to help my staff and colleagues?
  • What can I say to someone that is in a bad place?
  • How can I support someone who is not coping?
  • When does someone need friendship and when does someone need professional help?
  • What is grief, depression and PTSD? What kinds of help are out there?

Anxiety and worry are emotional states that can be changed. This webinar will show you effective, evidence-based strategies to manage distressing feelings. Often people who feel distressed are told to just breathe, this webinar will look far beyond that.

The webinar is based on the latest research in distress, disaster recovery and effective treatments.

Please be aware this is a rapidly changing situation. We will bring you the latest information, even if it is not listed in the advertising.


4 April 2020


  • Find out how shock, grief and anxiety can affect staff, performance and productivity.
  • Detect the early warning signs of distress and mental illness.
  • Discover how to approach a colleague who you suspect may be really struggling.
  • Know what the right and wrong things to say to someone who is not coping are, based on the latest research in the field.
  • Learn evidence-based techniques to help staff through difficult times.
  • How to avoid making the problem worse. Have the confidence to know what you can manage yourself and when a person needs professional help.
  • What you should do if someone has a mental health crisis.


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, human resource professionals.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service



1.25 CPD Hours

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