Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace 2020 - 25 March 2020 (On Demand)


An introduction to business psychology

Do you struggle to understand your staff and your customers? Why do some people seem to act in such an illogical way?

Do some of these issues sound familiar?

  • Have you ever asked a staff member not to do something then five minutes later they do it!
  • A staff member tells you they have understood what you said when you explained a list of instructions, when they clearly haven’t understood you at all.
  • Why are we so bad at estimating time and budgets?
  • Why do some staff members practice perfectly in the mirror then choke in front of a major client?
  • Why are meetings often soul crushing and such a grind?
  • Why is it that some staff members can find the time to plan a weekend fishing trip but not take two minutes to complete a job sheet?

Over the last 120 years psychologists have started to understand why human beings do “stupid” and often baffling things in the workplace. When employers start to understand how people work, they can change their systems to get the best out of their staff.

This webinar will help you to understand why human beings behave in the way they do and what you can do to motivate them to do what you want them to do.


25 March 2020 


This webinar will help you to understand difficulties in the following areas and how to address them…

  • Why do people just forget crucial information?
  • Why do people “choke” or fail to perform under pressure in the workplace?
  • Why do more workplace accidents and heart attacks happen on a Monday?
  • How could a company lose millions of dollars and no one noticed?
  • Why do people struggle to do simple tasks, such as complete a job sheet?
  • Why do rewards often demotivate people?
  • When do human beings preform really well and when do they preform really badly?
  • Why are senior lawyers more likely to receive a malpractice law suit than a junior lawyer?


HR professionals, team leaders, supervisors, managers, owners, and all employers.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service.

1.5 CPD Hours

  • On Demand Event
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $215.00 excl. GST

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