Governance of Charitable Trusts 2019 - 19 November 2019 (On Demand)


It has been said that the success of any organization, including charities, is dependent upon strong governance. However, as the Law Commission has noted, difficult questions frequently arise around governance and administration and the resolution of internal disputes. The consequences of poor governance can be serious as office holders may be held liable for the consequences.

Most charities in New Zealand are structured as charitable trusts, and the new Trusts Act 2019 will apply to every one of them. Recent years have seen a number of incorporated societies restructure as charitable trusts and it is important to bear in mind in this context that the associated governance requirements may not be identical. The new Trusts legislation also provides a useful framework for looking at some fundamental governance principles, and it is also important to consider generally how the new Trusts legislation may impact on existing charitable trusts.

The webinar is intended to give a theoretical overview as well as sufficient detail to be practical. All involved with charitable trusts should be familiar with the requirements of the new Trusts legislation, as well as fundamental principles of governance, whether as a refresher or otherwise. This is particularly the case in the current period of significant change for charities, where the importance of good governance will be heightened.


19 November 2019


An overview of how the new Trusts Act 2019 might impact on charitable trusts.
An overview of fundamental principles of good governance, based on the framework of the new Trusts Act 2019.


All involved with charitable trusts will need to be familiar with the new legislation, including lawyers and accountants involved with charitable trusts in their professional and private capacities, trustees of charitable trusts, and others involved or looking to be involved with charitable trusts generally.


Sue Barker, Director, Sue Barker Charities Law

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