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Scientists are discovering more and more that good sleep is vital to our well-being, productivity and creativity. In the past we have held up people who sacrifice sleep to get more work done. In the last fifteen years scientists have discovered that great work cannot be done when people are sleep deprived. Researchers have found that even relatively small losses of sleep significantly impact performance.

Worldwide it is estimated that fatigue is the leading cause of workplace accidents. When a person is sleep deprived their ability to accurately assess and respond to risk decreases. This could be the cause of many costly mistakes in a lawyer’s or accountant’s office, such as sending a confidential email to the wrong person.

Researchers have also found that productivity and innovation significantly decrease when individuals are tired.


Attendees will learn…

  • Why sleep is so beneficial for peak performance.
  • Common myths and misconceptions about sleep, such as “Every hour of sleep before midnight counts for two after midnight.”
  • How good sleep affects memory and alertness.
  • Find out how teenagers and younger workers have very different sleeping patterns.
  • How poor sleep contributes to mental illness and suicide.
  • Why we lose our self-awareness when we are sleep deprived.
  • Strategies to get better sleep.


24 September 2019


Anyone, in any profession


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service

1.5 CPD Hours

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