Managing Sick Leave Series 2019 Part 2 – Practical steps to reduce sick leave


Please note: this webinar is the second of a two-part series around Managing Sick Leave. You can save 10% by purchasing both webinars together. To browse this option click here

Identifying & Preventing Issues that increase sick leave.

High rates of sick leave and absenteeism are some of the most expensive and disruptive problems facing New Zealand employers.

Absent team members increase the workload and stress for others, while dramatically decreasing productivity.

Most companies just accept that sick leave is unavoidable and do little to address it.

Do you know there is solid scientific research that suggests most companies can reduce sick leave by up to 50%!

Find out which workplace issues exacerbate or contribute to high rates of sick leave, and how to manage these issues.

In this webinar, we will focus on how you can reduce sick leave in your organisation by:

  •  Understanding how excessive stress weakens our immunity
  •  How poor sleep makes us more susceptible to disease
  •  Why depression is the leading cause of disability and what to do about it
  •  Addressing bullying
  •  Reviewing hours of work
  •  Carefrontation with staff
  •  Implementing solid policies around sick leave



In this webinar, attendees will develop an understanding of:

  •  Factors that weaken the immune system and make people more vulnerable to extended sick leave
  •  Factors that can lead people to avoid work
  •  How to reduce the risk of staff taking excessive sick leave
  •  Practical ways to dramatically reduce sick leave
  •  How to help people recover faster
  •  What to include in sick leave and wellbeing policies


This webinar is suited to HR professionals, managers, business owners, and employers from all industries seeking guidance to reducing rates of sick leave.

It is also useful for business professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, who want to keep their clients informed on best practice.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service

Julia Shallcrass, KiwiBoss Limited



1.5 CPD Hours

  • Sep 11
    Wed, 2:30 PM NZST - 4:00 PM NZST Online
    • $210.00 excl. GST

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