Trust Series 2019 - Residential Care Subsidy Update – Broadbent Revisited


Residential Care Subsidy applications have two components. The first is the means test. The second is the income assessment.

This webinar will start with an overview of the means and income assessment for Residential Care Subsidy purposes.

Following that there will be a comprehensive review of the Court of Appeal decision in MSD v Broadbent with particular attention to how deprivation should be assessed following Broadbent in light of the view of the Court of Appeal as set out at [89]:

“It is plain nonetheless that the controversy between the Chief Executive and Mrs Broadbent is not finally resolved by that answer. That is because, when the Authority focussed directly on income from trust assets in calculating deprived income, it was in error. It should have focussed instead on the deprived income (if any) of the debt back, that is, any interest free component.”

This webinar will also consider the vexed topic of gifting and what to do with respect to “excess” gifting and whether the rule in Hastings-Bass might save the day.

This webinar, which is relevant to all practitioners who advise clients regarding Residential Care Subsidy applications or expectations is presented by Vicki Ammundsen and Theresa Donnelly.

Topics covered include:

  •  What does Broadbent mean in practice?
  •  Advance succession planning
  •  Is it possible to “un-gift”?

This practical webinar will provide a detailed current overview of Residential Care Subsidies, targeted at practitioners who have clients requiring or anticipating long term residential care.


This webinar will enable practitioners to competently advise clients regarding long term asset and estate planning and in many circumstances avoid costly structures that are ultimately ineffectual for Residential Care Subsidy purposes.


All practitioners involved in long term asset and estate planning and advisors with elderly clients


Vicki Ammundsen, Director, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited

Theresa Donnelly, Solicitor, Public Trust

1.25 CPD Hours

  • Jul 24
    Wed, 10:30 AM NZST - 11:45 AM NZST Online
    • $190.00 excl. GST

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