Supporting people long term – Post Christchurch terror attacks - 29 March (On Demand)


Following the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, many are finding that they, or people they know, are really struggling with their feelings of loss and grief.

The victims of the attacks are part of our community, whether they be friends or family, colleagues at work, team mates, members of the same school or club, or otherwise connected to us through social ties. And the impact of last week’s events has affected many of us in different ways, even if we did not personally know any of those directly involved. This is not isolated to Christchurch, this is happening across New Zealand.

This free webinar focusses on how you might be able to help and support family members, staff, colleagues and the wider community, including:

  •  What is a normal reaction to a tragedy of this kind and what requires more help and support
  •  What sort of reactions and emotions to expect from people in the coming weeks and months
  •  How to support children or young people
  •  How shock and trauma can affect performance in the workplace, school etc
  •  How to help those experiencing anxiety, depression or PTSD
  •  How to respond to those who may say the wrong thing
  •  Self-care tips



This webinar will help to give people effective strategies to support family members, friends, staff and colleagues through the effects of the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings.


29 March 2019




Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Services Ltd

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