Essential Recruitment Series 2019 Package


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Essential Recruitment Series 2019 – Part 1 - Lawful Effective Recruitment

Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

Recruiting staff can involve a minefield of legal issues. In this essential webinar, find out how to make sure you lawfully recruit the right staff.

Employment law changes taking effect this year will require larger employers to implement better recruitment practices. Employers with more than 19 staff will no longer be able to rely on 90 day trial periods from 6 May 2019. How will this impact on the way you select staff?

Discover how to manage the change in 90 day trial periods, while avoiding discrimination claims. Find out how to ensure compliance with human rights, employment and privacy law.

We will discuss practical tips for application forms and best practice when offering employment.

Join us in this webinar so you get it right when hiring new staff. Topics include:

  • Avoid discrimination in advertisements and interviews
  • How to meet privacy obligations
  • References and background checks – the lowdown on the law
  • Tips for offering employment
  • 90 day trial periods – what’s changed? How will this change affect your business?
  • Case law and practical examples


Attendees will develop an understanding of how to:

  • Identify legal issues in recruitment and selection
  • Comply with law in interviews and avoid discriminatory questions
  • Conduct background checks, including criminal convictions and drug tests
  • Manage changes to 90 day trial periods
  • Update job application forms to comply with privacy law
  • Recruit and offer employment – with case studies!


Suited to: HR consultants, managers, administrators, business owners and operators, and recruitment consultants who want to comply with current legal obligations in recruitment.


Julia Shallcrass, Director and Lawyer, KiwiBoss Limited


Essential Recruitment Series – Part 2 - Effective Recruitment for Better Staff

 How to recruit and select the right staff for business success.

If a business can recruit the right staff, it will grow and beat the competition. On the other hand, recruitment mistakes become a headache for managers and in extreme cases can lead to bankruptcy.

In this webinar you will learn how to recruit the right staff for your business to improve productivity and avoid costly problems. Enhance employee engagement and achieve profitable growth by choosing the best candidate!

Many employers recruit people in the same way that they were recruited themselves. Yet, it can be harder than it looks. Google found almost no correlation between interview performance and actual ability!

In this practical webinar, discover contemporary ways to select the right staff for your organisation. Find out how to gain a true understanding of an employee’s ability, factors that you should look for in a candidate, and how to manage unconscious biases for greater diversity and productivity.

This webinar will empower you and your recruiters to ensure that you get the right staff for your workplace.

Topics include:

  • Identify recruitment methods to attract the right applicants
  • Conduct better interviews to select the right applicants
  • Appropriate selection processes for your business
  • Tips on reference checking and psychometric testing
  • How to evaluate and measure your success in recruitment
  • How to reduce the effects of unconscious bias in selection processes


Participants who attend this webinar will gain:

  • a solid understanding of best practice guidelines for recruitment and selection.
  • knowledge of robust recruitment processes to ensure they attract the best candidates and filter out problematic applicants.
  • confidence that they are making better business decisions.


Business Owners, CEOs, Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Team Leaders, and Recruitment Consultants. This webinar is designed for anyone who recruits, employs or manages staff across every profession and industry, including government, education, professional services, law, accounting, construction, government, farming, tourism and hospitality.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director Employee Solution Service & Julia Shallcrass, Lawyer & Director of KiwiBoss Limited


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