Closely-Held Companies Update 2018 - 27 September 2018 (On Demand)


This webinar considers a number of practical issues that arise with closely-held companies, with a particular focus on recent tax reforms. Some of these reforms have not worked as intended and have been tweaked. These reforms include changes to the look-through company eligibility requirements, the calculation of income on conversion of an ordinary company to a look-though company, the tax-free distribution of associated person capital gains and changes to the tax treatment of the remission of debt. Worked examples will be used to illustrate the effect of these reforms on structuring decisions (including the conversion of ordinary companies into look-through companies), liquidation issues (including the timing of distribution of associated person capital gains) and restructuring debt.


You will:

  • Understand structuring options available to closely-held companies, including converting ordinary companies into look-through companies.
  • Learn when capital gains can be distributed tax-free on liquidation, and understand the impact of recent tax reforms to limit the scope of associated person capital gains.
  • Learn how recent tax reforms to prevent debt remission income arising apply to closely-held companies.


Accountants, tax lawyers, commercial lawyers, property lawyers and others who advise clients on commercial transactions.


27 September 2018


Stephen Tomlinson, Partner, Tomlinson Law

1.5 CPD hours

  • On Demand Event
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $210.00 excl. GST

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