Social enterprise in New Zealand – An Overview - 28 November 2017 (On Demand)


The Social Enterprise World Forum in Christchurch in September 2017 shone a spotlight on social enterprise in New Zealand: its increasing momentum, both here and around the world, highlights the need for professional service providers to know what social enterprise is, and how they might help them navigate the legal and regulatory framework. The question of whether that framework needs to be changed also arises: for example, do we need a new legal vehicle for social enterprise in New Zealand, and if so, what that might look like.

The webinar is intended to be suitable for those involved in advising charities and other for-purpose entities, whether from large or small firms, and whether as a refresher or otherwise. It is intended to give both a theoretical overview as well as sufficient detail to be practical.


An overview of what social enterprise is, how the current legal and regulatory framework might apply to it, and whether that framework needs to be changed, for example, by creating a new legal vehicle for social enterprise in New Zealand: in that context, what can we learn from other jurisdictions that are also grappling with these issues?


Lawyers, accountants and others involved or interested in becoming involved with charities and/or other for-purpose entities, whether in their professional or private capacities.


28 November 2017


Sue Barker, Director, Sue Barker Charities Law

1.25 CPD hours

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