Mental Health Issues in the Workplace - 20 June 2017 (On Demand)


Preventing mental illness and improving well being.

Most New Zealanders will have some mental health issues in their lifetime.

If left undiagnosed or untreated, mental health issues can significantly impact on a person’s ability to do their job. The World Health Organisation has listed depression as the leading cause of productivity loss worldwide.

In addition to performance and productivity issues, we will consider an employer’s legal compliance. Find out how to avoid discrimination, support staff, and comply with new health and safety law.

Our webinar will provide an effective overview of mental health issues, with a focus on anxiety and depression. We have added important information to this webinar in 2017:

  •  Discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and brain injuries. 
  •  Consider case studies to show you how to deal with real issues.



  •  Discover various mental illnesses with a focus on anxiety, depression, PTSD, and brain injury
  •  Learn how mental illness affects and changes the brain.
  •  Find out how mental health issues can affect staff, performance and productivity.
  •  Detect the early warning signs of mental illness.
  •  Avoid discrimination in hiring and employment
  •  Consider ways to support people in your workplace with mental illness.
  •  How to reduce mental health issues in your workplace.
  •  Practical case scenarios and case law on legal responsibilities


20 June 2017


All employers, CEOs, managers, team leaders, human resources professionals. Mental illness can affect anyone from any industry.


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director,  Employee Solution Service

Julia Shallcrass, Kiwisboss Limited




This webinar is presented by behavioural expert Michael Hempseed of Employee Solution Service, in conjunction with employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass of Kiwi Boss Limited.

1.5 CPD Hours

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