IR Business Transformation – An Overview (On Demand)


An introduction to the biggest transformation in Inland Revenue’s history. It’s far more than replacing a computer system: we’re re-shaping the way customers interact with us to reduce their compliance costs and make it easier for them to get their tax right.

This webinar takes an overview of what we’re doing and why, and will provide detail about the second stage of the transformation. The first stage of Inland Revenue’s transformation was in February 2017 when GST was moved onto the new tax system, and we introduced recognition of the NZ Business Number, and digital registration for migrants and company entities.

From April 2018 the second stage of the change will see Fringe Benefit Tax, Gaming Duty, Withholding Tax and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act reporting moved into the new system. It will introduce the Accounting Income Method – AIM - the new option for managing provisional tax, and there will be changes to the way that employers report PAYE information to Inland Revenue.

You can find out more detail about each of these changes in the series of free webinars over the next few months.

This webinar is suitable for tax professionals and businesses who want a better understanding of the scope and timing of the transformation programme and how it is likely to affect them.


Understanding why Inland Revenue is making changes and what effect they will have.


Tax agents, bookkeepers, businesses large and small, payroll companies.


Rata Kamau, Account Manager, Inland Revenue


6 November 2017

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