Agri-Industry Summit 2017 Day 2 Papers



Day Two Presentations

Horticulture – New Zealand’s future export leader
Horticulture is the primary industries’ quiet achiever – expanding, growing and meeting global consumer demands for healthy food. Food trends are changing and consumers are seeking out the provenance of their food, information about its impact on their health, and assurances around the environmental impact of its production. With these demands, a diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables is increasingly popular and Horticulture New Zealand believes that within a generation, horticulture will be one of New Zealand’s leading primary sector exports. Horticulture is already showing rapid growth with exports increasing in value by 40% between June 2014 and 2016. We are a $5.4 billion industry, exporting to 125 countries and employing 60,000 people. To continue this growth we need to protect our growing land, have access to water, be able to source people to work across all levels of the industry, and have market access for exports. Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman will outline future plans for horticulture in his presentation.
Mike Chapman, Chief Executive, Horticulture NZ

The twists and turns of global food markets
Con Williams, Agri Economist, ANZ

ACC - transforming how our customers do business with us
ACC is improving the way they work with customers though their online services. In this session, they’ll explore some of the planned changes, talk about the changes that have been made and how these will improve customer experience for advisers and their clients.
Nathan Meo and Leigh Austin, Relationship Managers, ACC

Health and Safety in Agriculture – the reality
Fatality and serious injury data are trending downwards and on current performance, it’s likely the Government’s target of a 25% reduction by 2020 will be met. Agriculture, however, remains at levels well in excess of other industries. Momentum must be kept up and businesses, workers and influencers must continue to make health and safety their priority. This session brings two perspectives – that of the regulator which is mandated to lead health and safety system improvements – and that of a key influencer in the system.
Nicole Rosie, Chief Executive, Worksafe NZ and Chris Alderson, Director, Health & Safety, PwC

Unlock the value of Advisory Boards for farmers
Learn how Advisory Boards provide an innovative pathway to governance, succession and growth for New Zealand farmers, their advisors and the wider agricultural industry. Hear case studies of how farmers and advisors are using Advisory Boards in New Zealand.
Helen Down, Managing Director, Advisory Boards New Zealand

Beyond recovery: growth, value and innovation in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry
A resilient, cohesive kiwifruit industry has staged a strong recovery from the devastating impact of Psa that struck in late 2010. Support from the government, decisive action on biosecurity and a pathway out of Psa with the SunGold variety underpinned the result. Today, a resurgent industry is delivering strong growth in kiwifruit volumes, led by SunGold expansion, and Zespri delivered over $2bn in global sales in 2016. Zespri’s ambition is now to grow global sales to $4.5bn by 2025, with production from locations outside New Zealand growing rapidly to support a 12-month supply strategy. Meanwhile, Zespri’s investment in innovation continues to target new successful varieties to expand the kiwifruit category globally.
Simon Limmer, Chief Operating Officer, Zespri

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