Applications for letters of administration with will annexed 2017 (On Demand)


How to avoid common pitfalls/pending rule changes.

When letters of administration with will annexed are needed for a deceased person who has left a will but there is no executor named in the will or the executor who is named is not able to apply for probate the appropriate application to the High Court can be fraught with difficulty. The evidence required in support of an application can vary markedly depending on the circumstances.

Applications for letters of administration with will annexed require evidence on a number of matters not required when applying for probate. But not always. In some circumstances, certain evidence can be omitted, while in others additional evidence is required.

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the required forms and guidance on best practice for applying for letters of administration with will annexed and will provide practical tips from esteemed High Court Registrar and Sheriff, John Earles, for getting applications right the first time.


Webinar attendees will learn how to maximise the chances of success when applying to the High Court for letters of administration with will annexed, how to save time and expense by not producing evidence on unnecessary matters and how to avoid common errors, omissions and pitfalls.


12 July 2017


Lawyers – all levels
General Practitioners
Legal executives


John Earles, Registrar and Sheriff of the High Court of New Zealand






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