Hello to hired in 3 minutes – Nailing the client interview (On Demand)


Mastering the critical first impressions that will win a new client

The first 3 minutes – at any initial potential client interview, they will be forming an impression about you that will be positive or negative. Once that impression is in place, you either have a smooth ride to a new client or a bumpy hard road that never quite seems to end.
This session is for all practitioners and will provide detailed approaches that are proven to be effective.

  • Go beyond what the office looks like to the real reasons that a potential client will become a real one. 
  • How do you make a deeper faster connection quickly without having to be too ‘chatty’? 
  • How can you set up your future business relationship in the first crucial 3 minutes? 
  • How can you discover the underlying reasons a prospect would work with you in a way that is comfortable to both you and them?


Understand how to make a deeper connection with potential clients that wins trust and converts to new business in a comfortable, quick and easy to use way.


All those in professional services firms that have the opportunity to interact with a potential new client.


8 June 2017


Bill James, CEO, 3 piece sales

1.25 CPD hours

  • On Demand Event
    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
    • $180.00 excl. GST

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