CCH Learning is part of Wolters Kluwer, CCH New Zealand Limited, a leading information provider to accountants, lawyers and other business professionals.

Our primary focus is to provide people in business with easy and cost-effective access to knowledge, information and professional and personal development solutions. Through our various offerings we provide professionals with the skills and knowledge to improve efficiency, develop best practice, stay in touch with their changing legal obligations and help them to succeed in the competitive business environment.

CCH Learning Webinars 

A webinar is an online seminar. All CCH Learning webinars are delivered online via the Go To Webinar application. Webinars are a combination of audio and PowerPoint presentation. Each webinar is 60- 90 minutes long and includes a 15-minute Question and Answer session where attendees may ask questions of the presenter.

You and your team can view the webinar on your computer screens and hear the presenters speaking. The Go to Webinar software is also available as an App for your iPhone, iPad or Android device so you don’t even need to be in the office to participate.

CCH Learning webinars operate on a ‘one connection/one fee’ basis, which means you can have the whole team participate in the webinar for the one cost-effective price and claim CPD hours. All CCH Learning webinars are CPD verifiable.

CCH Learning also offers Sole Practitioners a discount on webinars. A sole practitioner, for these purposes, is a registered accountant, lawyer or business advisor who practices in their own firm and employs no more than 3 staff. Please contact us at  to confirm eligibility.

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CCH Learning Conferences

CCH Learning offers conferences accountants, lawyers and business professionals. The programme covers HR and employment law, immigration law, rural topics, tax and trusts and building and construction.

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CCH Learning On Demand

All our live webinars are recorded and can be purchased as On Demand recordings for you to watch and listen at a time that is convenient for you.  On Demand recordings stream via Windows Media Player.

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